Are You Fighting the Resistance – Terrafugia Is, And Winning!

I’m currently reading The War or Art by Stephen Pressfield.  It’s a great book about that little voice in our minds that constantly tells us that we cant do something.  That it’s stupid, that people will laugh at us, that it will never work, that we can’t raise the money.  You know waht that little voice says. You’ve heard it all your life. We all have.  I hear it every time I set down to write one of these blog posts. “It won’t be any good”, “No one cares.” Stephen calls this voice the “resistance”. In the book he point how what the resistance is and how to recognize it.  He also gives recommendations as to what to do once you’ve recognized it. The Amazon link will take you to the book.  I do get a small commission if you purchase but I wouldn’t recommend the book if I didn’t think it was a great book.

I recently saw an article on about a company called Terrafugia. You can find that article HERE. The article is about Terrafugia getting approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation for their flying car to drive on U.S. roads.  Yes, you read that right a flying car.  They call it the Transition because it can transition from an airplane to a car in a matter of just a few minutes.   I bring this company and article up because it made me think of how much “Resistance” the founders of Terrafugia (Carl Dietrich, Anna Mracek Dietrich, and Samuel Schweighart) had running through their heads when they began to put this company together. I can just imagine what the resistance was saying to them:  “You will never get funding!”, “This thing will never fly”, “You’re going to fail and be bankrupt!”  and much more i’m sure.  They didn’t listen. They fought the resistance and are winning.  By getting this far they are proving they are winning.

“What does this all have to do with personal finances? ” , you might ask.

Well i believe it has a lot to do with personal finance.  Have you ever thought to your self, “I am never going to get all these bills paid off and get out of debt.”, “Getting 10% return on your money is impossible.”, “It’s too late for me to start saving for retirement.”  This is the resistance talking.  It is possible for you to get out of debt and get 10% return on your money.  All you have to do is stop listening to the resistance and start doing it.  It will take some work and research to learn how but it is possible and you can do it.

If you need a little help beating the resistance and Whipping Your Finances Into Shape please contact me at  That’s the reason I created this blog. To help people either avoid or get out of the financial situation my wife and I were in a few years ago.