Book Review – Early to Rise

I’ve known about Andy Traub for a long time. I first heard about him while listening to Cliff Ravenscraft’s podcast then I listened to Cliff and Andy on their podcast, Business Tech Weekly. I’ve been reading Andy’s Blog and listening to his podcasts at ever since. Andy has talked about rising early for a while now on his blog and podcasts and to be honest with you I wasn’t too interested. Recently there has been two things that has peaked my interest in rising early. One, I’ve been wanting to start working out and get healthier, early morning is the only time I have for that, and the second, I was fortunate enough to get a pre-release copy of Andy’s book “Early to Rise”.

After Reading “Early to Rise” I am motivated to set my alarm earlier and excited (most mornings) to get up when my alarm goes off. Andy’s book doesn’t change your life overnight, no book can do that. No one can do that. Only you can change your live. You have to make the choice to set your alarm early. You have to make the choice to get up when that alarm goes off. What Andy does offer you in Early to Rise is advice, practical advice. Advice of why you should get up early. He advises you on steps you can take to make your early rising a little easier. He provides you with motivation, at least he motivated me, to get up early and meat the day head on and with enthusiasm. I used to start the day by hitting the snooze button 3 or 4 times. Not because I was too exhausted to get up but because I knew what was waiting for me that day and most days. I wasn’t enthused about starting my day. Now when my alarm clock goes off I’m excited to start my day, not because the day that awaits me has changed drastically but because I know that by rising early, working out, reading, and getting more work done that my days are getting better. It may not be drastically better tomorrow, in fact tomorrow I may not notice that it’s any better at all but I know that it will be better and one day, I will notice how much better.

Andy is releasing this book in various formats, Kindle, Nook, PDF, Audio, and even plane text.  What is amazing is if you buy the book you get every format.  In the book he says he’s tired of having to purchase different formats if he wants them so he’s doing what he wishes other people would do, giving everything when you buy it.  I agree with Andy.  I like to read on my Kindle but I also spend a lot of time in my car traveling from customer site to customer site and I like to listen to books and other audio content when i travel.  I don’t like paying for the same book twice either.

This is a great book and I highly recommend it.  You can get it at or click HERE to go directly to purchase it on Amazon.

  • Thanks brother. Glad it’s helping you build the habit!