Book review – Return to Sawyerton Springs

Return to Sawyerton SpringsI just finished reading Return to Sawyerton Springs by Andy Andrews.  What a great little book. It’s a collection of short story’s about the people and happenings in his hometown of Sawyerton Springs in Alabama.  Andy Andrews is the master of finding life lessons in his story’s and this book is no exception.  Each chapter is a different little story about the people Andy grew up with and in each one there is a great lesson to take away from the story.  Although the book is filled with lessons the book is extremely entertaining as is all of Andy’s books.  In fact there is one story about Little League Baseball that will have you laughing so hard you might just drop the book.

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While your surfing the web also go to  He has a host of great free information there including a free weekly podcast that I listen to every week and love.

Update: May 11, 2014.  Amazon no longer has the Kindle version on it’s website so I changed a couple of the links.  The paperback is still available.

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