Book Review – The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

TTGTitle: The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success

Author: Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews tells a great story of a man, David Ponder, down on his luck begin given a rare gift of traveling through time. In his travels he talks with many great historical figures including Abraham Lincoln, King Solomon, and Christopher Columbus, just to name a few.  In his travels he is given the Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success. These decisions or principles are confusing to David at first but by the end of his travels he has embraced the decisions and has realized that these decisions can change is life for then better.  These decisions can change your life for the better too.


To compliment The Traveler’s Gift Andy has written Mastering the Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success.  This is a manual of sorts to how to use the Seven Decisions and how they can change your life. This is a great compliment, in fact it may be better than the Traveler’s Gift.



In Mastering the Seven Decisions Andy suggests some exercises for helping make the most of the Seven Decisions.  You can use just a blank journal but Andy has also created The Traveler’s Gift Journal.  In this journal it has every exercise that Andy describes in Mastering the Seven Decision with blank areas to write your answers.  This Journal really makes the set.

I highly recommend all three of these book to everyone.  These Seven Decisions are timeless and essential to success and Andy point out how timeless, essential, and effective these decisions are.  I’ve purchased these book for myself and I purchased a copy of each a few months ago for my daughter who just graduated from high school.

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