My experience with

Recently I needed to repair my daughters laptop.  The screen had a crack in it as you can see.

laptop before

I didn’t know whether to send it to HP or try to find a screen and replace it myself.  I did some research on the internet and discovered that it would cost about $300 to have HP replace the screen.  I also found that a replacement screen would cost $60-$100 depending on where I got it.  I was worried however. I had never taken a laptop apart.  I couldn’t find any screws or any other release to remove the screen from the case.  Then I found  This web site has an easy to use tool to find the right screen for your laptop and if you cant seem to find it there you can send an e-mail to them and they will let you know what screen you need.  I found the screen I needed in minutes.

Now, as I said earlier I was a bit worried about replacing the screen my self.  Well, once I found the screen this video was on the product page.

So I thought the video looks good and I figured I could do it so I ordered the screen.  I arrived in about 3 days.  It was packed well and in perfect condition.  Oh, and by the way it came with a tool kit with all the tools needed to do the work.  My daughter and I sat the the kitchen table and started to remove the screen using the video as a guide. The video walked us right through it and in no more than 30 min we had it back up and running perfect.


From my experience I have no complaints about but if I were to complain about something it would be that it appears they don’t sell screens for Apple products.  I’ve got a 2008 MacBook that is beginning to have some screen issues.  Anyone has any ideas let me know.

So if you need a screen replaced check first.  If after seeing the video of how to replace the screen in your particular laptop model I even believe you can send them your laptop and they will replace it for you.

I am not getting paid at all for this recommendation.  I think it is a great service so I want to help them and any of you who might need their service.  If you would like to know what other services I recommend go to my Recommended Resources page.