Dropbox: 4 Reasons You Can’t Do Without This Free Service

DropBox is a file sharing, file backup, file transfer application that everyone can use and amazingly it’s FREE.  I use it in Business and my wife and I use it as a family.  In fact I used it for this blog post to transfer screenshots I took on my iPhone to this computer so I could enter them into the post.

1.  It’s Cloud Based

Why DropBox is so useful is because it is cloud based.  This makes the service extremely useful. Because it’s cloud based you can access your files from any computer with an internet connection.  Just log into www.DropBox.com with your account information and all your uploaded files are there.  Also, it is also a backup for any file you have in your dropbox.  Even if your computer hard drive completely crashes the files in your DropBox are safe because they are in the Cloud, not on our computer.

2. An App For Almost Every Device

DropBox has created an app for almost every device out there (Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and I think even Blackberry). Installing the DropBox application on your device will create a DropBox folder that is automatically synced to every device you have DropBox installed on.  This means you can create a document, for example, on your iMac at your office and save it to your DropBox folder. The document will automatically be synced to your DropBox folder on you iPad.  You take your iPad to a meeting and during that meeting changes are discussed so you pull up the same document and make changes right there.  Those changes are saved back to your iMac at your desk. So, no matter what device you have (iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, etc…) you are never without your important files.

3. Share Files And Folders

You can share files and folders with anyone you choose.  You can give them only download rights or you also give them the right to upload or delete the files you give them access too. My wife and I use this feature to share our family financial budget with each other.  We both have rights to access, edit, and save the shared files. I also use this feature to give all my Constitution Book Insiders access to all the drafts of my book and this is also how I will distribute their free copy of the completed book to them. They only have access to download what is in the shared folder. (If you would like to become a Constitution Book Insider and receive all my drafts and the full book when it is released go to www.ConstitutionBook.net).

dropbox desktop share links


In the picture above, highlighted in red, you will see two link icons.   To share you simply right click on the file or folder you wish to share and you will get a web link.  Share this link to the people you wish to share the information with and they will have access to this folder.  They will not be able to edit or delete the files unless you choose to give the that right.

4. The iOS App Can Automatically Transfer Photos

This is a very useful for several reasons.  If you take photos with your iPhone and do a lot of editing of them on your computer you can set your DropBox App on your iPhone to automatically upload your photos to your DropBox.  This will sync them to your desktop so when you get home they are already there ready for you to edit them.  It is also hand for taking screenshots of your iOS devise for creating tutorials or even blog posts.  The screenshot below is the DropBox App on my iPhone.  I took a screen shot on my phone and it was automatically sent to my Macbook Air.  I just grabbed it from my DropBox on the Macbook and inserted it here.

iOS dropbox screen

Be careful when transferring photos or any other big files for that matter.  With your free account you only get 2Gb of cloud space.  There are paid options that will give you more space.  I only use the free service.  I find that it is more than enough for me.

If you would like to try DropBox click HERE and sign up for your free account.

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In what ways are you using DropBox in your business?  Please leave your comment below.