Review of Google’s Chromecast



Google’s Chromecast is a very small but powerful device.  It’s a video streaming device that plugs directly into your TVs HDMI port.  It connects to your home network via WiFi.  You can cast videos from many services such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and many others.  You can also use many different devices to control your Chormecast.  You can use iPhone, iPad, laptop and desktop computers.  Android smartphones and tablets, also.

Setup is very simple.  You plug the Chromecast into the TVs HDMI port.  The devise is powered by your TVs USB port.  This way the devise turns on and off with your TV. Then you download the Chromcast app on which ever device you plan to use.  When you open the app it will search for Chromecast devices.  Once the device is found you tell it what network you want to connect the device to and then you give it a name such as “Living Room TV” and then you’re all set.

We love our Chromecast.  We purchased two, one for the living room and one for the bed room. We’ve also saved a lot of money by getting Chromecast.  We had Cable and was paying over $100 a month for the service.  We canceled the cable and purchased two Chromecast devices at $35 each.  The we got Netflix and HuluPlus for $8 each a month.  So for a $70 one time investment I went from a bill of over $100 a month to $16 a month for TV service.  A great savings.

We use Netflx, HuluPlus, and local antenna for all our TV viewing.  I have recently discovered that NASCAR puts their Sprint Cup races on YouTube the Wednesday after the race. I’ve been watching them for a couple weeks.  Also, IMSA puts their Tudor United Sportscar Championship races on YouTube also.  Really been enjoying watching the 2014 Tudor season.

One warning, you do need a good High Speed Broadband internet connection.  Video Streaming takes a lot of bandwidth.