Harry’s New Shaving Products

I’ve posted about Harry’s Razors in the past. Find that post HERE.  Great razors!  They recently came out with a couple new products that I wanted to tell everyone about.  Foaming Shave Gel, Moisturizing Aftershave Lotion, and Lip Balm.

Foaming Gel, Aftershave, and Lip Balm
Foaming Gel, Aftershave, and Lip Balm

I’ve tried the Foaming Gel and the Aftershave Lotion.  They are great.  Before I discovered Harry’s I used what ever foaming gel was on sale at the store.  The I found Harry’s Shave Cream and decided to never use foaming gel again but Harry’s introduced their gel and because I love their other products so much i decided to get their gel and aftershave.  Honestly I don’t know what’s better, Harry’s Save Cream or the Foaming Gel. It foams up very nicely and makes the blade glide across your face.  Leaves you with a nice close shave.

I normally don’t wear aftershave.  The reason is most of them have a smell that is way to strong and frankly I don’t think they do anything to moisturize or stop any pain from razor burn. After shaving with Harry’s razors I don’t have much razor burn but I decided to try the aftershave anyway.  When i first put in on the first thing I noticed is the subtle smell it has.  Nice and not strong at all. The it did quickly sooth the small amount or Razor burn that I did have.

I haven’t tried their Lip Balm.  If anyone has please comment below and let us know what you think.

Harry’s has all 3 of these in a pack called the Winter Essentials Kit for $20.  Harry’s also always give free shipping for any order over $10. So it’s not a bad deal.

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Have you tried Harry’s?  Let us know what you think of Harry’s by commenting below.

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