New “Verizon Vehicle” Too expensive?

Recently posted an article titled “Verizon Vehicle puts a mechanic in your car”.  You can find the article HERE.  The article states that Verizon’s new product “Verizon Vehicle” will diagnose problems with your car.  Basically what it is doing is plugging into your cars diagnostic port and reading the engine codes that come up when your check engine light is on.  It also says the cost of this is $14.95 per month with a 2 year contract.  You do get on month free and the hardware is also free.  That is a total of $343.85 for the life of the 2 year contract.  I personally think that is a bit expensive. As of this writing (Jan 19, 2015) the “Verizon Vehicle” is not on the Verizon’s website so I cannot verify these features or prices.

For less than $20 on Amazon you can purchase a code reader that will read the same cods and give you the same information that the Verizon device will do. You can also get them at your local auto parts store.

Now, these code readers are a little more manual.  When your check engine light comes on you have to plug your code reader in.  Press a couple buttons to read the code.  The more expensive code readers will read the codes and tell you what the code means.  The lesser expensive ones like the one above will only give you the code number then you have to look that code up in a book that comes with the reader to find out what the code means.   I myself have a code reader much like the one above and I don’t mind having to plug it up when my check engine light comes on. I’ve used it several times and found the code and knew exactly what to purchase and replace.  If you don’t like to work on your own cars you can get the code and tell your shop what the problem is.  Also, know if they are feeding your a line of “Bull” when they come back with a outrageous estimate for things the code had nothing to do with.

I can also use my code reader on all of my vehicles.  I’m sure Verizon wants you to get one of their devices for all your vehicles. I don’t know if you can but i would imagine that Verizon’s device can be switched from vehicle to vehicle but they may have that locked down some how so you can’t.  Again, the produce is not on Verizon’s wbsite yet so I don’t know if you can or cannot use the device on multiple cars but it wouldn’t surprise me if they make it so you cannot.

The only things the Verizon device can do that the code readers can’t is provide roadside assistance and tracking the car if it’s stolen. Check your insurance, however, many policies include roadside assistance and if it’s not already included ask about it. Many companies can add it for only a couple dollars a month.

So if you want to save over $300 (or multiples of that if you have more than 1 car) then don’t get Verizon’s device.  Just purchase a code reader and use it when you need it.  If you don’t mind spending the money and want the convenience of an automated system and vehicle tracking then feel free to go with Verizon.

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Let me know what you think.  Do you like the idea of “Verizon Vehicle” or not?  Leave a comment below.