Harry’s Razor Stand (Review)

Harry’s Razor Stand


Harry’s Razor Stand

My friends at Harrys.com sent me their new razor stand to review.  Harry’s manufactures fine shaving products.  I’ve blogged about their products before.  Find the post HERE. I love their razor and shave gel so I figured the stand would be just as good.

Razor In Stand


The stand is a block of aluminum with a cutout to place your Harry’s razor handle in. It holds the razor very well and looks good too.  The razor handle slides in and out easily.  You don’t have to force the handle in or have to use two hands to remove it from the stand. In the bottom of the cutout is a hole drilled all the way through so water can drain out. A great idea, however, on the bottom there is a rubber ring to keep the stand from sliding on your counter top. That, in itself, is a great idea but, the drain hole is in the center of the rubber ring. Any water draining out of the drain hole will just pool inside this rubber ring.  I would suggest that instead of the rubber ring Harry’s put 4 rubber feet on it, one at each corner.  This will do the same job of keeping it from sliding on your counter but not trap the water like the ring will. It will also let more air flow under the stand so water can evaporate and dry quicker. I do like that my razor head is up off of the sink.  Normally after I use it i lay it down then the next day when i go to use it again it is slightly stuck to the sink.  With the stand that doesn’t happen obviously.



Engraved Stand

You can also get your initials engraved on the stand.  I did not get this so I cant speak to the quality of the engraving.  The picture shows the engraving and it looks very good.

As for the price, it’s $15 for the stand and another $15 if you want the engraving.  $15 for the stand seems slightly expensive for this product. To me, engraving is a bit of a waste.  I don’t need my initials on my stand.  I know it’s my razor.

All in all, a very nice stand.  Simple design that works. A good compliment to the great quality of Harry’s razors.  So head over to Harry’s.com and check the stand and razors out.  Their Truman Set has a razor handle (you can choose from many colors), 3 blades, either the shave gel or cream, and a cover for the blade.  This set is only $15 and you always get free shipping on orders over $10.

Do you already use Harry’s products? Leave a comment below.  Or if you purchased Harry’s products because of this review let me know.  I’d love to know what you think of them.


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