5 Not So Secret Tips For Amazing Customer Satisfaction



Amazing Customer Satisfaction is hard to achieve, or is it?


Many companies have a very hard time achieving it.  Some do an amazing job at it. Companies like Chick-Fil-A and Trader Joe’s do it exceptionally well.  These 5 NOT SO Secret Tips For Amazing Customer Satisfaction will raise your customer satisfaction.

1. Listen


Listen to your customers.  I don’t mean just hear them. I mean listen!  Make eye contact and acknowledge what they have said.  Make them feel like at that moment they are the most important thing in your life.  When you REALLY listen to your customers they think that you are really concerned about them and their needs. When customer’s feel like you are truly concerned about them the will happy even if you aren’t able to help them.

2. Address Their Needs


This may sound like a “no brainer” but this is one of the things that gets overlooked most often. Many people don’t mean to miss this step. In many cases we think we know what the customer’s needs are but we have actually missed something very important. When you truly listen you are better able to address the customers’ needs.  There is nothing worse then to tell someone behind a counter or over the phone your problem or need and then realize that they weren’t listening to you and never really heard your problem.  Let the customer know that you heard them and know what the problem is by repeating it back to them.  For example if you are a software company and a customer calls in saying they cannot get you software to load say something like, “I’m sorry you are unable to get our software to load. We’ll do everything we can to get that fixed for you.”

3. “Do Unto Others…”


This is such a simple thing to do.  Put yourself in the customer’s place.  If you were them and would be upset, what would you want from you?  If you would want a refund then you should probably give a refund.  If all you would want is to be heard, understood, and know that someone is working on the problem, then make sure the customer knows you heard them, that you understand the problem, and make sure they know you are working on the problem.

Think about it, I’m sure there has been situations where you were the customer and you were upset about something.  When the person behind the counter did what you expected then you were happy with the outcome.  When they didn’t do what you expected, you weren’t happy.  Works if you are the person behind the counter too.

4. Be Honest


NEVER, EVER LIE TO YOUR CUSTOMER! First of all, you’re not that good at it and second, your customers are smart and they can tell when you lie. If you lie to a customer and they realize it, or if you are lucky enough to get it past them at the moment and they find out later, your credibility and trust with them is shot and you will never get it back.  I know it is tough to tell a customer something they don’t want to hear such as you product won’t do the job exact as the customer wants or it doesn’t have that feature or that you cant include that additional $500,000 piece of equipment in the order for $200,000 but it’s much better to be honest up front and say “Mr. Jones, I understand that you cannot generate the specific report that you want with our software.  Let me take your need back to my company and see if there is something they can do with future releases.”  I personally always appreciate honestly even if it’s not what I want to hear.

5. Care


Above all care.  I don’t mean care about if you make the sale or not or care about getting that irate customer out of your store.  Care about the customer. Care about the company and the companies goals. Don’t try to sell someone something if it won’t help them achieve their goals.  Selling someone something they can’t use will get you a commission but you are likely only to get that one commission.  They won’t call you again to buy more stuff.   If your job is to repair your companies machine in someone elses factory understand and honestly care that because your companies industrial printer isn’t working the factory had to stop the production line because the expiration dates aren’t being printed on the boxes of Fruit Loops. Make sure they understand that you know and CARE about the implications of your equipment not working and that you will have them up and running as soon as possible.

Follow these steps and I’m sure your customers will be bragging about you and your company.


I would love you hear your customer service stories, good or bad.  Tell them in the comment section below.