My Favorite Productivity Apps


DropBox is an app that allow your to store files and access them from any devise or computer you have.  If you edit or save a file in your DropBox folder it is automaticly synced to all devices and computers that you have installed DropBox on.  It works also as a backup folder.  The files are also stored on DropBox servers and you can access them through the Dropbox website. So if your computer’s hard drive crashes, your Dropbox files are not lost. You can either get them from your other devoces or computers that you have Dropbox installed on or you can access them from any computer using the Dropbox website.  You can also share links to files or folders to other people even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. This is quite handy if you have a larg file you need ot send someone but the file is too big to send e-mail.  Just e-mail them the link to the file and they can download it. Dobpox has a free version where you get 2GB of space.  They also have paid options that give you more space as well as some additional features.

You can sign up for your free account by clicking on the link HERE.  if you do use this link you and I both will recieve an additional 500MB of free space. Once you sign up for an account you can recieve a special link to share and if they sign up you will get addional free space.


Evernote is a multiplatform service much like Dropbox but with more features.  It’s a note taking application on steroids.  This app allosw you to crate notes and organixe them in notbooks and also Tag the notes.  You can add pictures and files into your notes. You can even draw in the notes using your mobile devices.  You can also creat Audo notes.  Just like Drobox, all of your notes are synced to all your devices that you have Evernote installed on and also stored on their servers so you can access them from any computer. I use the free version which allows up to 10GB of new uploads each month.  There is no limit to the ammount that you can have in your evernote, just to the amount that you can upload each month.  There are two paid versions too that have some amazing added features such as Optical Charicter Recognition.  If you were to take a picture of a hand written note or a document OCR software will recognze the writing or text and then that text will be searchable.  I highly reccomend this app.  Go to to give it a try.


Workfowy is another multiplatform app.  I use it for my Work and Personal To-Do lists.  I have it set up on my computer to automaticly start when I boot my computer so it is alway there and I can instantly see what I need to do next.  I also have it on my iPhone.  I love having it there becasue when I find there is a nother item I need to put on my to-do list but I am not at my computer I can add it on my iPhone and it will automaticaly synced to my computer and be there when I boot it up.You can add Hashtags to the items so you can easily sort your items. You can also have sub-items in Workflowy. for instance, if you have a project that has 10 things that need to get done before the project is complete you can add one item with the project name then underneath you can add the 10 items. You can then mark them complete as they get done. You can’t add files to Workfowy but you can add links. So if your project includes files you can have them in Dropbox and then in workflowy add a link to that drobox folder or file.  As with Evernote and Dropbox, Workfowy is free and also has paid version.  The free verson allows you to ave up to 250 monthly items.  There is no size limit, just a limit to the number if items you have add.  If you use the link HERE, you and I will get and additional 250 monthly items free.

Podcasts app by Apple

This isn’t really a productivity app but i wanted to add it anyway. If you have an iPhone you already have this app. I came preinstalled on your iPhone and you can’t uninstall it.  I listen to a lot of podcasts. Mostly when I’m driving since I’m in my car alot for my work.  I listen to some entertaining podcasts like Mike Rowe’s: The Way I Heard it Podcast (you can find my review of that podcast HERE) but mainly i listent to informational postcasts. Podcasts like Dan Millers: 48 Days Online Radio Show, Michael Hyatte”s: This Is Your Life Podcast, Andy Andrews’: In The Loop Podcast, and Ray Edwards’: The Ray Edwards Show, among others. You can set the Podcasts app up to automaticaly download new podcasts when ever a new episode is released.  I get some great entertainment, great motivationsl and, wonderful ideas listening to these podcasts.