PMP Exam Prep – First 200 Question Practice Test

First 200 Question Practice Test

Well, I took my first full 200 question practice test today and wanted to give an update on how I’m doing on this journey.

I was a bit worried that 4 hours might not be quite enough time for me to answer the 200 questions but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.  I completed the practice test in just over 2 hours.  So I shouldn’t have to rush any questions when I sit for the actual exam.  As far as my score I could have done much worse but I could have done better also.  I’m not quite ready yet to take the actual test yet.  I still have some studying to do.  I did pretty good on a few sections such as Project Procurement Management and Project Stakeholder Management.  I really need to study more on a few sections like Project Quality Management and Project Cost Management.  I’ll do some more studying of all the areas but spend extra time on the sections I did the worst one.

Well,  I’ll get to studying and post an update and let you all know how it’s going.